• Jarrod

The rational engineer

Engineering is physics. It’s rational, mathematical, predictable and consistent.

Either it fits, works or happens, or it doesn’t. There is no in-between.

Engineers are typically hard wired to optimise for mathematical and logical problem solving. Their brains work this way and they understand the often complex parameters they work within.

This can lead to conflict when they encounter the completely irrational effects of human behaviour. People are not predictable, consistent or rational and the tension for those who are might be overwhelming.

On the flip side, for those of us that live within the normal crazy messy human world it can be infinitely rewarding to do something structured from time to time. Like building something from timber, completing a jigsaw puzzle, or fixing a motorcycle.

These pursuits will have a rational, binary process and outcome that will give the mind structure and coherence which leads to calm and understanding.

There is no second guessing a messed up dovetail


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