• Jarrod

The Big Idea

Everyone has a big idea. Most people have many, some are prolific and can come up with amazing ideas again and again. I bet some of the most earth shattering, scientifically advanced ideas that solve many of the troubles of today have already been conceptualized, probably even discussed, then, forgotten.

There is a void that must be crossed to make any idea a reality, and almost every time it’s hard.

The work can be hard.

Showing up can be hard.

Failing or setbacks can be hard.

Showing up consistently can be hard.

Staying the course can be hard.

Believing in yourself can be hard.

Finding support can be hard.

Having empathy under pressure can be hard.

Not quitting can be hard.

Knowing it’s hard, can be hard!

For me I need a vivid Vision of the future. I need to feel it in my body, that excitement, that spark of energy. The reason I started down this path. I try to remember the change I'm seeking and how the realization of that dream makes me feel when I dream about it.

I see the people I want to help and how they will feel when I have succeeded.

I remember my Why. It's written down and when it gets hard I go back to it, close my eyes, take a deep breath and grab hold of it. Like blowing on the embers of a fire until the flame takes again, I see you hard, and I'm here anyway.

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