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Fear and doubles

Eleanor Roosevelt is widely accepted as coining the phrase “Do one thing every day that scares you”. That feels like a heck of a stressful way to spend each day, but the message is clear enough. Get out of your comfort zone and experience the post fear glow of achievement or lessons learned.

A “double jump” is just two mounds of earth shaped into a take-off and a landing. The idea is to take your favorite mode of transport and leap from one and land on the other, avoiding injury if possible.

You see, going too fast and your landing on the flat ground with none of the impact absorbing qualities a down ramp provides. Going to slow is as equally unforgiving.

The distance isn’t the problem it’s the gap in the middle that does weird things to the mind. If there was no gap, no problem. But there is…

So recently I embraced Eleanor’s words in the most literal sense and built a few mounds in the back paddock knowing full well the mental gymnastics headed my way once they were finished.

An off-road motorcycle is my weapon of choice, and once they were done the internal battle commenced.

“What if…”

“You can’t do this”

“These are way smaller than what you used to race on”

“Shut up, that was 20 years ago”

“Don’t be a wimp”

“Who are you doing this for?”

“Just give up, it’ll be safer”

“Nobody cares so what’s the point”

“You’re old, what are you doing out here?”

“Your insurance doesn’t cover this”

“You’re broken enough already, time to retire”

And so, it came to pass a solo 42-year-old ex-moto crosser was sat in an empty paddock late one Saturday afternoon giving himself fist pumps and high fives wearing a smile far too wide for most middle-aged men.

Get after your fear my friends.

Eleanor was right, and it feels glorious!

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