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It starts here

ADPV is for individuals, groups or teams seeking mentoring, coaching, consulting or just plain old help to enable awesome humans be even better, even more successful. 

My hope is to see these leaders start to repair some of the significant environmental, social, business and spiritual challenges humanity faces today.

I'm passionate about the four ADPV pillars;

Ambition, Determination, Passion and Vision.

I believe truely successful people have options and resources available to them that others don’t. 

And by successful I don’t just mean financial (although that is one part).

The mind needs to be sharp, be in control and make good decisions. 

The body needs to be functioning properly, disease free, healthy and strong.

The soul must be aligned and nourished. Old stories have to be checked, and new ones created.

I'd love to hear from you, listen to your story and talk about what success means to you.


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